Private integrated middle and high schools the survey! ICT utilization intention to approach 100%

The survey results for was carried out with the cooperation of Tokyo private middle and high consistency schools “of ICT”, increasing ICT use intention is every year, in 2016 it was found that it hopes to use 97% of teacher .
This is a great trend!

In charge of the highest in the 71% “Collaborative Learning Active Learning” is about to go want lesson form increase in class, the teacher who responded that they want to use ICT in the “Collaborative Learning Active Learning,” was 50 percent. I think cooperating with learning is most suited to ICT reduction. Especially in the small middle and high school. . .
e-Learning I think from becoming member of society and become useful.

Leverage ICT, for the lesson you want to make the future, a majority is “to collect student opinions and answer, teaching you or to discuss or introduced in such as electronic blackboard” (55%), students in the “school to create presentation It was also found that it is considered to be announced by creating a document while utilizing the software “(52%).