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jQuery等のAPIは一切使用してません、ソースコードを1から丁寧に記述しています。 .

2■日本語、英語以外に、中国語他 多言語に対応!

3 ■なんと、数式にも対応!
新機能として、数式が使えるようになりました。 . 4 ■エディターのユーザビリティーは、長年の知恵の集大成! 2007年に発売した「eラーニングゲームエンジン」以来、思考錯誤を凝らしてきました!

5 ■アプリ風の動きに拘りました!

5 ■文字装飾もできます!

アンダーライン、斜め字、太字、リンク他、文字装飾もできます! 5 ■SCORMエディター装備!

SCORM1.2 2004の記述を自由に変えられるエディターを装備しました。


Mobile version content creation tool “eye tester Lloyd” Seven Features!

1 ■ kind exceptional technology of crystal! API is not used at all API such as jQuery is not used at all, it has been carefully write the source code from 1. .

2 ■ Japanese, in addition to English, corresponding to the Chinese other multilingual! And also to the global human resources education, also supported in multiple languages. .

3 ■ What, corresponding to the formula!  As a new feature, it was now the formula is used. . Usability of 4 ■ Editor, the culmination of many years of wisdom! Since the “e-learning game engine” that was released in 2007, it has been elaborate trial and error!

5 ■ I was involved with the movement of the app-style!  This product, but is a browser viewing type of HTML5 sweep, smooth motion features such as app.

5 ■ character decoration I can too!

Underline, diagonal character, you can bold, link other, also character decoration! 5 ■ SCORM editor equipment!

SCORM1.2 I was equipped with a 2004 freely changed is editor of the description of.

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