文部科学省 大学入試センター試験に代わる新たなテスト! 最初の4年間は短文の記述式の問題を導入とのことです。現在の大学入試センター試験を廃止して平成32年度から新たに実施することになっている「大学入学希望者学力評価テスト」について、マークシート方式に加えて記述式の問題を導入するそうです。採点は大丈夫なのか気になるところですな

Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry has had indicate the direction of conducting multiple times this test in the year, the impact on class schedule if and high school the difficulty of the problem can be leveled, thereto such as the burden of the university to be the venue issue and as there is, we have’s future, it requires sufficient consideration.
On the other hand, in order to measure the degree of the fixing of learning in high school, “high school basic scholastic ability test” that will be established from the 2019 fiscal year, the time being, we plan to carry out national language, mathematics, in three subjects of English. The test results for the first 4 years but expects to be utilized at the time of enrollment and employment we want that they should use only learning improvement is positioned as a trial period. Experts meeting is scheduled to put together a final report by the end of the year.